Antonius del Muerte - R.I.P.

a 10th Level Paladin of Torm


Born in Shadowdale in 1344 DR as the third son of Agneta and Fileas del Muerte, Antonius was raised in troubled times. Both his parents worked as Agents for the House Morn in Daggerdale during the time of the Zentarim Regime. His strict Father early tought him the virtues of moral integrity. At the age of 14, Fileas sent his son abroad, to keep him from the emerging hazards. Brother Levar, a Cousin of Agneta and a Priest of Torm, took over the training of Antonius. Soon he discovered that Antonius was more of a Fighter than a Cleric, so he introduced him to the Life of Knighthood and Antonius began as a Squire for a local elderly Paladin named Sir Estalon. In the following Years Antonius gained Experience and made himself a name as a formidable Fighter and faithful follower of Torm. At the age of 26 Antonius was officially granted Paladinhood. He had planned to help end the evildoings of the Zentarim Regime in Shadowdale once and for all and aid his Family in the struggle for survival. But he came too late. During the all-out Civil war in 1369 DR both his parents as well as his older brothers were killed in the chaotic street fightings. Taking part in the last Battle over Shadowdale his brave contribution was recognized by Randal Morn, rightful heir of Daggerdale.

The Code of Torm
Be the champion of the weak and the defenseless.
Be stern, unyielding and unswerving in your battles with evil.
Obey your masters with alert judgment and anticipation.
Serve the common good and the rule law established by honorable rulers.
Seek prowess and skill in all endeavors.
Stand ever alert against corruption.
Every failure of duty diminishes Torm and every success adds to his luster.
Be ever mindful of the code , and use them in your actions to swiftly enact justice.

He died a quick and unsuspected Death after one of his Teammates decided to change sides. The second Fireball and the constant Backstabbing was just too much…

Antonius del Muerte - R.I.P.

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