Aard Nantal

a 11th Level Elven Wizard


Aard was probably born in 1201 – although nobody knows his exact date of birth. During a Drow Raid to his Hometown, deep in the Forests of Cormanthor, Aard was hidden by his mother through magic from the Drow Assasins. While everyone in Hometown was brutally killed by the Drow Assailants, his Mother’s Magic kept Aard alive and in stasis for more than 10 Years. One Day his Secret Location was discovered by a group of traveling Adventurers on their way home to Shadowdale. In the hope of having found a valuable magical item they tried to sell the Coccoon containing the young Aard.

It was Storm Silverhand, Elminsters Representative, one of the Seven Sisters and a Chosen of Mystra, who revealed the true purpose of the Cocoon and brought Aard back to life. Having spent such a long time in a magical infused Container, Aard was soon recognized as a gifted user of the Weave. Storm Silverhand arranged a foster Family and a apprenticeship at one of her colleagues in Silverymoon.

After Decades of learning and research Aard began a long journey home to his origins in Cormanthor still trying to understand what made the Drow attack his hometown. Fascinated and also disgusted by the Drow Culture and Religion he strives to explore the secrets and weak spots of his hated conspecific.

Aard Nantal

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